Batesville City Council amends parts of zoning code


The Batesville City Council adopted three ordinances amending the Batesville Zoning Code at its’ Monday meeting.

One of the ordinances allows the use of a Planned Development (PD). The purposes of this district are to promote flexibility and innovation in the design of large-scale developments, and to encourage the use of vacant, in-fill parcels in the built-up portion of the city.

The PD is a combination of zoning designation and development plan. A detailed development plan is required to obtain a permit.

The second ordinance amends the zoning code to clarify where food trucks and other mobile food vendors can conduct business. Food trucks have been operating under temporary use permits that are limited to 180 days and renewable annually.

The proposed change allows two temporary use categories: the site-specific food truck with the 180-day limit renewed annually, and a roaming food truck category that lasts for a year and is renewable annually. The 180-day permit costs $150 and the one-year permit will be $400.

The third ordinance creates a definition for a mobile food court. It’s described as a parcel of land where two or more mobile food vehicles congregate to offer food or beverages for sale to the public. The courts may only be located in business, commercial and industrial districts.

All three were referred to the council by the Planning and Zoning Commission, which held public hearings on the three ordinances.

The votes on all three ordinances were unanimous. Council member Sonya Crafton was absent because she was attending a school board meeting at the same time. Crafton is principal of West Magnet Elementary School.

Reported by Bob Qualls

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