Cleburne County Sheriff: Watch out for possible police impersonator


The Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office has received reports in the last couple of weeks of a vehicle attempting to pull over vehicles in the Hopewell area, the office says in a statement posted on its website.

Complaints say that the possible suspect vehicle is a light-colored 4-door passenger car with two blue lights in the front grill, and described the suspect as a male.

At this time, the office has not been able to confirm that the vehicle was an unmarked police car, and because of that, it is cautioning residents to take extra care if an unmarked car attempts to stop them.

The office notes a resident is uncertain if the vehicle is a real police car, please immediately call 911, and relay the information to the dispatcher while continuing to drive to a safe location, such as an open business or law enforcement building.

For any information about the suspect or his whereabouts, contact the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office at (501)362-8143 or by using the tip line at

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