Independence County Sheriff’s Dept. investigating Cave Creek-area break-ins and thefts


The Independence County Sheriff’s Department is investigating three recent break-ins and thefts in the Cave Creek area of the county.

Michael S. Beck reported a break-in on Sunday, Jan. 28 with several items taken from his shop behind his residence. Thieves apparently entered the shop by breaking the door and taking it off its hinges. Authorities say over $2,000 worth of tools and items were stolen.

Another victim was the Moose Lodge on Brewer Hill Road. Thieves, sometime last week, disassembled and removed three air conditioning units which were located outside the main building.

Deputies did find a bag of hand tools resting against a tree near the building. It is estimated that it will cost $20,000 to replace the three units. The Sheriff’s Department said this damage and theft rises to a felony, first-degree criminal mischief.

The third theft also occurred last week. The property owner, Raheel Hyder, who lives in Cabot, said he received a text message from a motion-activated camera that was located at a property he owns in the 25-hundred block of Cave Creek Road.

Hyder showed authorities where three security cameras located around the cabin had been stolen. He also showed them camera footage of two male subjects who apparently used bolt cutters to remove the cameras from their attachments to the trees surrounding the cabin.

Authorities say that the three incidents are still under investigation, and there are suspects in the cases.

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