Batesville Police arrest woman charged with filing false police report


After an investigation of a reported domestic altercation, a Batesville-area woman was charged with filing a false police report.

When Batesville Police Department (BPD) patrolman Rick King arrived at the location, he found Hong Thay Hughes, 29, outside the residence.

She reported to police that she had come to the residence to pick up some of her belongings and her estranged husband, Timothy Hughes, wouldn’t let her have them. 

Hughes told police Timothy Hughes took the car keys away, pushed her down, scratched her face, and took the tags off of their vehicle. She filled out a domestic complaint form, according to King.   

Officer King then met Timothy Hughes at the Batesville Police Department. King said after his investigation, it was evident Hong Thay Hughes’ story was a fabrication. King said evidence pointed to the fact she scratched herself on the face. King said he then arrested Hong Thay Hughes and charged her with filing a false report with a law enforcement agency.

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