Cave City senior expelled for breaking policy after shotgun in truck noticed


A Cave City High School senior was expelled by the school board at its March 27 meeting for a mistake that broke school policy concerning weapons and dangerous instruments policy.

Guardians of the 17-year-old requested an open hearing before the board Monday night.

Witness testimony brought out that the student was working on the family farm that morning before coming to school. Apparently, he took his uncle’s farm truck and hauled a load of cattle to the sale barn. In order to get to school on time, the student drove directly from the sale to the school, never at any time noticing the shotgun in the truck rack. The shotgun belonged to his uncle.

After being notified that a truck on campus had what appeared to be a gun in the rack behind the driver’s seat, it was quickly taken into custody and a search began to find out who the truck belonged to and who was driving it. That’s when the senior was identified as the driver and was brought into the office to explain what he was doing.

After being afforded the opportunity to speak at Monday’s board meeting, the aunt and uncle expressed regret and stated that they felt they were to blame for the mistake that resulted in the gun being on campus. The penalty for breaking the school weapons policy is a year’s suspension.

After some deliberation, a motion was made by board member, Stephen Stauffer, and seconded by Jeff Eddy to expel the senior from school. It was made clear that he was not to be on any Cave City School District campus or attend any school activity during the next calendar year, unless he receives specific permission from the administration.  The vote to expel was unanimous. The action will become official when March’s board meeting minutes are accepted by the board in its April meeting.

In other board action, letters of resignation (effective at the end of the school year) were accepted from four teachers and a staff member: Vernita Morris, Middle School secretary; Bobbie Paysinger, High School English teacher; Kathy Hodges, High School A.L.E. teacher; Debra Watkins, Gifted & Talented teacher; and Coach Mason Moody, football coach and teacher.

There was a discussion about starting a “soccer” program beginning with a junior varsity program. It was tabled until a later date.

And the board learned that four members of Patricia Turnbough’s Middle School History Club were given the great honor of participating in the Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on March 18 at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C.

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  1. I think it’s rediclous that they suspended that student who tried to be on time and didn’t know that the gun was even in the truck. My gosh he’s a senior about to graduate, if he doesn’t have a bad record looks like you could work it out. Maybe those guys have a previous problem with the family.

  2. I know you had to take precautions especially with all of the school shootings going on but if this student was running late getting to school and did not know that the gun was in the truck and also if he has no warrant or anything bad against him they need to think twice on what they are doing to this poor student about to graduate.
    This is for the student that got expelled: you are in my prayers that everything works out and that the board will reconsider what they have done.

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