Stone County man charged with felony after companion found with fork stuck in her


A Stone County man has been charged in Stone County Circuit Court with felony domestic battery following an April 15 incident.

Authrotirites were called to a Hwy. 263 S residence belonging to Benjamin Hade Finley, 41, and found Finley’s companion, Paige Bright, injured with a thrown fork stuck in her, according to court documents. Finley also had an injury, claiming it was caused by Bright.

After taking both Finley and Bright into custody, investigators charged Finley with felony domestic battery in the second degree. Finley’s injuries were self-inflicted, according to investigators, and police say a written noted from Finley’s mother said her son needed help for alcoholism and mental issues, and that she and her husband feared for the lives of everyone in their home. Court documents also noted Finley was on medication for depression and had just switched to a new prescription.

Bright was released from custody with Finley remaining to face an initial court hearing. His bond was set at $15,000.

FinleyBenjamin Hade Finley / Image via Stone County Sheriff’s Office

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