More details released on Stone County arson case involving naked man


A man who police officers found standing next to a burning house completely nude has been charged with arson in Stone County Circuit Court. (Read our original post here.)

The incident occurred in the 600-block of Sawmill Road.  Court documents state the man, Foy Lee Densmore, 56, first told officers a woman set the fire and then ran into the woods. Then Densmore told police, “No, she is still naked inside the house,” and then said, ”you’re the prophet.”

The responding fire department personnel put pants and a sweatshirt on Densmore who was then placed in a deputy’s vehicle. The Circuit Court records said Densmore was read his Miranda rights which he waived and signed.  During an interview, he stated he was upset because his mother had placed the property in his brother’s name. He said he went to the bank the day before, withdrew his money, walked outside the bank, and threw it into the air.

Police were called, and he was placed in protective custody. Densmore was released from jail later that day. The court documents went on to say he told police he was later home reading the Bible and read the words, “break the seal,” so he told officers he found a bottle of whiskey, broke the seal, and drank some of it.

He then started one of his son’s shirts on fire and placed it on the kitchen floor, and then poured some whiskey on the fire and later put paper money, a cell phone and a guitar on the fire along with many other items.  He then said he laid down on a couch and watched the fire until his pants caught on fire.  He said he took off his pants and exited the house.

The court record said Densmore then told the investigator if he and his son were not given the house, then no one would have it.

Police say the house and contents are valued at over $100,000. Densmore is now in custody and has been placed on a $75,000 cash or property bond.

Foy Densmore

Foy Lee Densmore / Stone County Sheriff’s Office

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  1. I am Foy Lee Densmore all Information is false I was in my Home taking a shower and cooking at the same time From the shower I smelled smoke jumped out and opened the bathroom door and the House was on fire ..So I ran out naked and jumped in my truck where I had a windshield visor And I took and wrapped up in it then the police pulled up and started Harassing me..and they just gave me a pair of fireman pants only then Straight to Jail then at Trial I was Aquited on all Charges True Story to whom it may concern I am living at Happy Life In Mountain View Arkansas at 600 block of Mountain View and some and My Mom are Very Happy

  2. Well first of all she didn’t place the property in my Brothers Name I have the Property and live on it and if anything happens to her God forbid I want my Mom to live for ever and second of all if I was completely Nude I would of got a ticket for indecent Exposure and would have been as sex offender So this report is invalid And I was aquitted on all charges But never got a ticket for indecent Exposure because I was wrapped up in a windshield visor like a blanket

  3. I was aquitted on all Charges you failed to make that statement and if you look up Aquitted on Google this is what it reads…
    In common law jurisdictions, an acquittal certifies that the accused is free from the charge of an offense, as far as the criminal law is concerned. The finality of an acquittal is dependent on the jurisdiction. In some countries, such as the United States, an acquittal operates to bar the retrial of the accused for the same offense, even if new evidence surfaces that further implicates the accused. The effect of an acquittal on criminal proceedings is the same whether it results from a jury verdict or results from the operation of some other rule that discharges the accused. In other countries, the prosecuting authority may appeal an acquittal similar to how a defendant may appeal a conviction.

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