‘Safety Tax’ in Calico Rock to help with fire department, law enforcement needs


A recently passed “Safety Tax” in Calico Rock should provide for improvements in fire protection and law enforcement.

On the ballot during the primaries was a one-cent sales tax proposed in the city limits of Calico Rock. It was earmarked for safety purposes.

Izard County Sheriff Jack Yancey said the tax would be able to help the local fire department to purchase needed equipment and supplies to better serve the city.

The tax could also provide a daily presence of law enforcement officers in association with the sheriff’s department.

In the 1970s and up to the 80s, Calico Rock had two city marshalls who provided daily law enforcement. In January 1981, the city and county entered into an inter-local agreement for the county to provide the city’s law enforcement. The agreement lasted for several years until 2008 when the contract expired and was not renewed.

Sheriff Yancey said the city now wants the return of daily law enforcement, and the new safety tax can provide the revenue to do that.

The county sheriff would be able to add additional personnel, equip them, and open a sub-station to provide the law enforcement coverage Calico Rock wants and needs, said Yancey.

The permanent tax is scheduled to begin to be collected on Oct. 1 The money from the tax will begin to accumulate, and decisions will then be made on its use.

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