Man apparently looking for himself arrested at Independence County Fair


A man at the Independence County Fair, who was apparently looking for himself, was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication-drugs.

Independence County Sheriff Shawn Stephens said he was talking with a group last night when a man came up and asked who they were looking for. The sheriff told him they were not looking for anybody. The man then asked the sheriff if he knew Bobby Lee Roberts. Stephens replied with a “no,” and the man walked off.

After sitting on a bench near the commercial building for a while, the man came back to the sheriff and the group. Stephens said the man started talking and not making sense. The sheriff asked the man if he had used any illegal drugs, and the man replied: “I live on Hutchinson Mountain.”

After being asked again about the use of illegal drugs, the man, later identified as 50-year-old Bobby Lee Roberts, could not answer the question.

At that point, the sheriff said Roberts was unsteady on his feet, not coherent with his talk, and his pupils were “pinpoint.” Roberts was then taken into custody and to the county jail and charged with public intoxication-drugs. He was given a court date of Aug. 15.

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