Hotel employee arrested after telling police officer to stop patrolling the area


An employee of the Ramada Inn in Batesville recently confronted a Batesville Police Department sergeant and ended up in jail.

Sgt. Rick Davis was on patrol and was driving through the hotel’s lot, and at the back of the building, he noted he was flagged down by a man.

Davis said the subject approached the patrol unit and said: “What’s your problem?” He went on to say, “We have our own security, you don’t need to be here, so what’s your problem?”

Sergeant Davis informed the man, 23-year-old Ramada employee, Dustin Kyle McBride, that police would continue to patrol the area regardless of security personnel, and the patrolling is due to the number of calls and complaints in the area.

Davis reported that McBride continued to say, “We don’t need you here.” The sergeant said McBride also refused to give officers his name and continued to act in a disorderly manner, raising his voice, and cursing.

Davis said, after a short period of time, McBride was placed into custody for disorderly conduct. The sergeant said it was learned McBride was on probation, so his probation officer was advised of the situation. McBride was taken to jail and written a citation.

The Batesville Police Department said this morning that for the last two months or more, officers were being called to the area on fights and other issues. For that reason, they had stepped up patrols in the area, even using foot-patrol at times. The department also made owners of the Ramada Inn aware of the ongoing problems.

A spokesperson said the owners of properties in the area, including Ramada, are supportive of the police department’s actions with heavy patrols and zero tolerance of criminal activity.

As of late, some management changes have apparently been made.

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