Newark woman taken to jail for felony possession of a firearm


A Newark woman was placed in jail early Friday morning, Aug. 24, after she told police that she had fired a 22-cal. rifle to scare some men away from her residence.

The woman, 49-year-old Sharon Shearer, said when she heard the noises outside the house, male voices talking, she went into her son’s room, broke into his gun cabinet, grabbed a rifle, took it outside and fired what she termed “warning shots.” She said she then took the rifle back into the residence and placed it back into the cabinet.

Authorities say the problem with her doing that is that she is a previously-convicted felon. And a previously-convicted felon cannot have possession of a handgun, shotgun, or rifle in any manner at any time. The charge is “possession of a firearm by certain persons,”and it is a felony.

Shearer was taken by Deputy Zach Spohr to the Independence County Jail. He will now present his information to the deputy prosecuting attorney.

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