Informant busted for selling to another informant and ends up with extra felony charges


An area woman who asked to be a confidential informant for Batesville Police after being caught with methamphetamine apparently double-crossed the police and was caught selling to a Drug Task Force informant.

Kaitlann Michelle Summers, 22, was caught purchasing methamphetamine from a woman at an apartment complex in Batesville, according to authorities.

Summers asked police if she could help them and be a confidential informant. She signed confidential informant forms that spelled out what she would do or not do as an informant. One item she would not do included becoming involved in criminal activity, and she agreed to keep her Batesville Police Department supervising officer advised of any criminal activity of which Summers would become aware.

Instead of helping police, however, authorities say she began selling meth again, and as a result, becoming aware of all kinds of drug activity. She was even documented selling to an informant of the District Drug Task Force. She also did not report to her supervising officer, Narcotics Investigator Dillon Sallas, on a regular basis as required by her agreement with the department.

The Batesville Police Department did manage to get some information from Summers on meth, amounts, and a location, and who had it. They were able to go to a location, find the person, and make the bust.

Summers was taken into custody and charged with three drug-related felonies. In addition, she is being charged under the Habitual Offender Act, having previously been convicted of more than one but less than four felonies. Her bond has been set at $25,000.

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