Gary B.: Another convicted felon found in possession of firearm


It continues to happen with regularity — a previously convicted felon in possession of a firearm. The law says that a person, male or female, who has previously been convicted of a felony, cannot possess or own a firearm of any kind. It is permanent unless the person receives a pardon or the conviction is overturned.

Yet, time and again, we see people being charged with violating this law — a violation which is a felony.

Another example occurred recently in Stone County on Sept. 28. The court documents note Stone County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to Younger Access Road to support Arkansas Game & Fish Officer Chad Cruce. When Stone County investigators arrived, Officer Cruce was talking with 41-year-old Joshua Hatley about shooting a deer and how Cruce previously observed Hatley exit his vehicle that was stuck in the mud with a rifle in hand.

Hatley was heard telling the authorities he, “…did not shoot a deer, and that it was only a hog he shot at.” Hatley also stated the rifle was in the truck that was stuck. After a computer check, it was confirmed Hatley was a convicted felon.

The officers retrieved the rifle from the truck along with multiple caliber rounds of ammunition that were located throughout the vehicle.

A search of the large field where Hatley said he shot at the hog was made with the assistance of the Arkansas Game & Fish tracking K-9. The officers said no sign of an animal could be located.

Hatley was arrested and booked into the Stone County Jail on possession of a firearm by a certain person.

His bond was set at $5,000.

Hatley, JoshuaJoshua Hatley / Image via Stone County Sheriff’s Office

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  1. Gary B. PLEASE do not make Chad Cruce into a hero he is anything but Ask the people in 56 Ark he violated the rights of a disabled man went on his property with out probable cause called him a felon scared the shit out him for no other reason than he repeated something about Lance Bonds that is probably true anyway imagine you have company and this guy with a badge runs up and calls you a felon in front of your friends and not a felon why don’t you do a story on that instead I think you are scared and not much of a journalist all you do is repeat what the law enforcement tells you to print

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