BHS Beta Club raises funds for water filters in remote Nepal


The Batesville High School (BHS) Beta Club recently raised over $900 to help purchase water filters for remote villages in Nepal.

The idea for helping those in water-scarce regions of Nepal came from BHS Principal David Campbell. In the fall of 2016, Campbell had the opportunity to travel to east Asia, specifically, the country of Nepal and see first hand, people without clean drinking water.

“A few weeks ago when Ms. Tammy Gillmore asked me for ideas for our Beta club to help a region in need, I did not hesitate to share my experience,” said Campbell in an email. “I was able to meet with the Beta leadership and share and discuss options. At the end of the meeting, our students agreed that helping people, even when we do not know them, is a good idea. I told our students about a simple water filter that we carried with us and shared in every village we came across. This simple filter can clean up to 150 gallons of water per day and last for ten years. Each filter only costs $40.”

filters23Some of the water filters purchased by the BHS Beta Club for rural villages in Nepal.
water filter.jpgA small group of  BHS Beta Club members and sponsors with a check to purchase water filters.

The funds raised will purchase 23 filters. That equals 12,592,500 gallons of clean drinking water over the next 10 years.

Woman with water filter.jpgA Nepali woman cleaning dishes and preparing for a meal with water from a water filter such as the type purchased by the school’s Beta Club.

“I am so proud that our students understand and live out their club motto, “Let us lead by serving others,” said Campbell.

David Campbell Nepal.jpgBHS Principal David Campbell on his visit to Nepal. / All images via Batesville School District


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