Three arrested in Mountain View after cashing non-negotiable check at local supermarket


Three people were arrested after cashing a non-negotiable check at a Mountain View supermarket, and in effect, tried to bilk the supermarket out of $1224.85.

The court documents state a man and woman, Christopher Allen Walraven and Alexis Leanna Murray, 25 of Bono, Ark., entered the supermarket around 7:15 p.m. on Dec. 2 and cashed a $1,224.85 check which was non-negotiable because it had been deposited earlier in an account of Alexis Murray.

The pay date on the check was March 16, 2018. The two then performed a money transfer to Cheyenne Star Sparks, 23 in the amount of $500 through Western Union. They exited the store and a few minutes later Sparks entered and picked up a Western Union transfer from the service desk. The trio left the area in the same vehicle.

Sparks, Murray and Walraven are charged with two felonies: theft of property and accomplice liability.

The court information also noted that restitution of $1224.85 is due to the supermarket. Each was placed on a $10,000 bond.

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