Bowling: Southside versus Norfork at Driftwood Lanes in Mountain Home


Boys Results: Southside-8, Norfork-5

Singles Matches: Southside won 565-489, 571-514, 432-419 and Norfork won 490-426.

Bakers Matches: Southside won 179-148 and Norfork won 213-198.

For Southside, Lance Mynatt led with a school record 268 high game.  Combined with his second game of 236,  he also set a school record for a 2-game total with 504.  Caleb Patterson added a 193 game and Brason Allen added a 167 game.

Girls Results: Norfork-8, Southside-5.

Singles Matches:  Norfork won 498-417, 382-304 and 351-245 and Southside won 433-335.

Bakers Matches:  Southside won 125-114 and Norfork won 123-105.

For Southside, Destiny Sharp led with a high game of 178.  Hope Sharp and Bailey Reynolds each added a high game of 135.

The star of the day was Lance Mynatt.  He had the first eight strikes in game one and then left a 7 pin in the ninth frame.  He struck and left a 10 pin in the tenth.  He was in the pocket for every shot and with a little luck he could have had a perfect game.  His second game he had 5 strikes in a row and in Bakers he threw 6 strikes out of 7 shots.

Overall both teams did well considering it was our first match on the road after returning from holiday break.

Southside faces Riverside a week from today, January 15 at Hijinx Bowl in Jonesboro.

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