WATCH: Maxfield Park — A White River Now Exclusive


White River Now had an opportunity to visit with the vice president of Main Street Batesville and the man leading the Maxfield Park project, Danny Dozier. Dozier gave an exclusive tour and shared the rich history and unique intricacies of the up-and-coming city park.

Maxfield Park is named after a family that was well-known in the early days of Batesville. Some of the stone in the stonework is from the Maxfield Building that once stood where the park is being constructed. Danny Dozier and his crew excavated the stone that was buried and incorporated into the park’s design.

The park is designed with many pieces of Batesville throughout from recycled railroad materials, refurbished lighting from the Mickey Mouse pool to pieces from the old Riverside Park playground and more.

This is a city park, but taxpayer funds were not used in its creation. All funds are from donations and other means. Donations are still needed to help complete the project. It is hoped to be complete sometime this year. Donations can be submitted by clicking here.

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