Stone County votes down sales taxes to construct and operate new jail


A definite “No” was the answer last night when the votes were counted in the special election for two sales taxes to construct and operate a new jail in Stone County.

The final margin was 64 percent against the taxes, almost two-to-one.

The tax failed in every box except absentee votes, and only 16 of those were cast.

The final tabulation showed 1,365 voted against the taxes and 758 for the taxes.

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  1. The voters have spoken really Judge Avey I can smell blood in the water you are done I really think you should have partnered with an elected official instead of an appointed JP that has stood unchallenged the whole time he has been in office. On to the next problem it is far past time to eliminate the Mountain View city Police this experience has cost the city in excess of 15 million dollars out of the city budget in the last twenty years to what end meth in parking lots and crime is worse than when we did not have city police for the love of God please stop waisting our tax money and start fixing the waste water plant and sewage system, maintain the recreational facilities, And promoting tourism because it is all you have left.

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