Batesville alcohol taxes collected in 2018 comparable to 2017


The alcohol tax in the city of Batesville brought in $59,524 in 2018.

The total collected was comparable to the collection in 2017 of $60,702. (Click here for 2017 numbers.)

The largest tax collector was Josie’s Steakhouse, now known as the Best Dam Steakhouse, with a collection of $13,697. In 2017, Josie’s Steakhouse collected almost $5,000 more at $18,650.

The second highest collector was the Duck Blind at $10,624.

As reported to the city of Batesville, here are the top ten businesses that sold alcoholic beverages along with how much tax each one collected in 2018:

  1. Josie (now The Best Dam Steakhouse) $13,697
  2. Duck Blind $10,624
  3. 109 Main $8,000*
  4. US Pizza Co. $7,179
  5. Beef O’Brady’s $7,015
  6. Colton’s $6,129
  7. VFW $4,739
  8. The Course at Eagle Mountain $2,594
  9. Sakura’s $998
  10. Fox Creek BBQ $870

*  Estimated due to 2017 overpayment

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