Speeding and careless driving warrants in Southside area part of concerted law enforcement effort


Complaints of speeding and careless driving in the Southside and Ramsey Mountain areas of Independence County brought a concerted effort Friday by Arkansas State Police and the Arkansas Highway Police along with the Independence County Sheriff’s Department.

The results of the speed enforcement effort were 77 citations in all. Sixty-five of the citations were for speeding, 10 were non-hazardous citations, and two seat belt citations. The non-hazardous citations could be such things as no vehicle license and no liability insurance. Chief Deputy Sheriff Aaron Moody said this morning the enforcement results were compiled by the state police. Also in the report were 12 warning citations.

When asked if the agencies involved were aware that 56 teams and their followers from across Arkansas were here for State Tournament play in soccer, baseball, and softball, Moody told White River Now he was unaware of that dynamic, but if he were, Moody would have passed that information along to the state police. He said he did not know if it would have made a difference since it takes a considerable amount of planning to conduct a speed enforcement effort when three agencies are involved. Moody added that the vast majority of those ticketed had Batesville or area addresses. The Southside area has a Batesville postal address.

Chief Moody said speeding and careless driving are safety issues and posted speed limits need to be adhered to. Moody said he realizes a lowering of speed limits in an area takes some getting used to, but the signage has been posted for some time.

Moody noted that an employee of the highway department, who helped put up the revised speed limit signs, was also pulled over.

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