Batesville City Council meets, hears reports on paving projects, drainage systems, police vehicles, and more


The Batesville City Council had a short meeting Monday, but did conduct an executive session and name Shannon Haney to the historic district commission. Haney replaces Doug Lee. David Dame was named to the housing authority commission for a five-year term expiring in May of 2024.

The aldermen learned that paving projects are continuing around town, and the city is getting closer to bidding work on the large sewer line that will run from Riverside Park to the north end of west Batesville.

The engineering department noted that drainage structures that are located underneath private property are not the city’s responsibility. And, that the engineering department has been working to map the drainage systems throughout the city and collecting data on them. Currently, that work is a 500-page document and growing.

The council members also learned the Batesville Police Department is waiting on the delivery of five vehicles which were ordered last October. And, as a result, the chief, Alan Cockrill, has been using his private vehicle. Cockrill was informed that there is enough money in the budget for a vehicle to be purchased for his use.

The April police report to the council showed patrolmen worked 46 accidents, answered 58 incident calls, and made 24 arrests with nine of those being felony arrests.

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