Two Independence County schools receive over $54,000 in rewards


Two Independence County schools received $54,446.52 in rewards and have been named among Arkansas’ 159 Reward Schools.

Batesville’s Sulphur Rock Elementary School is one of Arkansas’s 108 schools receiving an ‘A’ on the state report cards, based on performance, growth, student success, school quality, and high school graduation rates.

Sulphur Rock received $16,361.40 for ranking among the top six to ten percent improving schools in Arkansas, based on performance. View the video of the ribbon cutting and check presentation below. Southside Charter High School received $38,085.12 for ranking among the top five percent of Arkansas schools in growth and graduation. The ceremony for Southside Charter High School was live streamed on White River Now’s Facebook page and can be viewed here.

For their performance and rate in growth graduation in the 2017-18 school year, a total of 159 public schools in Arkansas were recognized as either high performing, high gaining, or both through the Arkansas School Recognition and Reward Program.

The Arkansas School Recognition Program was created to provide financial awards to public schools that achieve high student performance, student academic growth, and high school graduation rate, according to the Arkansas Department of Education.

The statute authorizes rewards in an amount up to $100 per student for top five percent and up to $50 per student for the top six to ten percent.

Schools receiving recognition funds must establish a committee to determine the best use of the funds. The committee includes the principal, a teacher elected by the faculty, and a parent representative selected by the local parent-teacher organization or another parental involvement group.

Schools may use the funds for faculty and staff bonuses, educational equipment and materials, or personnel to assist with improving or maintaining student performance and growth.

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