More info released on drowning death of 3-year-old in Cherokee Village


Authorities have released more information about the 3-year-old boy who drowned in a Cherokee Village lake last Saturday.

Officer Phillip Dunlap with the Cherokee Village Police Department was called to Pinal Circle by a woman who said a 3-year-old had fallen into the lake and was not breathing, according to the department’s incident report.

The Cherokee Village Fire Department and Spring River Ambulance Service were first on the scene. When Dunlap arrived, the victim was being loaded into an ambulance, and CPR was still being administered.

Dunlap noted the mother of the 3-year-old stated they were in the back yard putting together a swing set when her other son told her that the 3-year-old was in the water by the rocks. The mother told Dunlap she jumped in and grabbed her son and started CPR.

Dunlap said the victim was declared deceased at the hospital.

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