Gary B.: An update on the latest news regarding the death of Linda Collins-Smith


Authorities are still investigating the death of former Arkansas State Sen. Linda Collins-Smith, who was found dead in her home Tuesday night around 7:15 from what was apparently a gunshot wound.

Her residence is located on Highway 90, just outside the city limits of Pocahontas.

The death is being investigated as suspicious by the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department and the investigative arm of the Arkansas State Police. KATV is reporting that her former press secretary, Ken Yang, said the death is being investigated as a murder. (Click here for the article from KATV.)

There are also “conflicting” reports of where Collins-Smith’s body was found and how long the former state senator had been deceased. (Click here for the report from Region 8 News.)

Collins-Smith was first elected to the state legislature in 2011, serving as a state representative.  She was then elected to the state senate in 2014 for District 10, serving this area of the state. Our news department visited with her many times on the issues of the day. She was defeated in her effort for re-election to the state senate in 2018 by current Sen. James Sturch of Southside.

Linda Collins-Smith

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