Independence County man facing charges after forcing his mother’s vehicle off the road


An Independence County man found himself behind bars Monday after officials say he forced his mom’s vehicle off the road, causing it to hit a fence.

Authorities say Thomas Taylor Coe (pictured), 41, allegedly forced his mother, Maudie Coe off the roadway while she was operating a vehicle on Coe Lane in the Gainesboro township.

The incident happened after a verbal disagreement between the mother and son, according to court documents.

As Maudie Coe was traveling down the road, court info says her son, Thomas, began following her on a four-wheeler. After speeding past his mother, Thomas caused her to come to a complete stop. He then proceeded to attempt to push the vehicle with his four-wheeler.

When his mother started to back the vehicle back to the driveway of the residence, Thomas followed and jumped on the hood of the vehicle when it stopped. Authorities say Thomas Coe then began spray painting the windshield, impairing his mother’s vision. Thomas then moved to the top of the vehicle and busted out the back passenger side glass.

Fearing what her son might do next, Maudie Coe tried the use the wipers to remove the paint and drove forward, but her impaired vision due to the paint caused her to hit a fence with her vehicle, the court documents state.

Thomas Coe is facing charges of felony aggravated assault on a family or household member and felony first-degree criminal mischief.

Image via Independence County Sheriff’s Department

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