Batesville couple arrested on numerous drug charges, firearm seized

Pictured, Therron Riddle (left) and Tracey Medley (right). Photos courtesy of inmate roster.

A man and woman were arrested in Batesville on Friday, June 21 on numerous drug charges after police searched their residence on Lawson Drive.

According to Dillon Sallas, Narcotics Investigator for the Batesville Police Department along with the Independence County Sheriff’s Department and Drug Task Force agency executed a search warrant and found numerous drug paraphernalia.

The couple, Tracey Evelane Medley, 35, and Therron Ray Riddle, 30 (both pictured), were pulled over prior to the search, where Medley admitted to officers that a gun and methamphetamine were inside the glove box of the vehicle they were in.

Police seized the 40. caliber hand gun and plastic bag of methamphetamine

During an interview on June 23, the couple waved their Miranda Rights and Sallas said they admitted to several details in the investigation that officers had found.

The couple was charged with five drug related felonies and Medley was placed on a $50,000 bond while Riddle was placed on a $40,000 bond.

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