A local 19-year-old considered a habitual offender by police

Photo Source: independencesheriff.org; Dustin Chadwell (left) & Kourtney Shiver (right)

Police say, Dustin Oliver Chadwell (pictured), 19, of Concord, committed three drug-related offenses.

The court information states on July 1, the Batesville Police Department along with the Independence County Sheriff’s Office, Arkansas State Police and the drug task force were attempting to locate two suspects in a stolen vehicle case.

Their information led them to a residence on Heber Springs Road.  There authorities arrested Chadwell in connection to the stolen vehicle case and Kourtney Shiver (pictured). Shiver had a felony warrant for being an absconder in her probation program.

Investigator Chris Toland, questioned Chadwell about what was in a black zipper pouch attached to one of Chadwell’s belt loops.  Chadwell responded that it was some “fake bake” and some “dope.”

Toland found a small plastic baggie with what later tested as methamphetamine, a glass smoking device with burnt marijuana residue, a plastic straw, numerous plastic baggies and a set of digital scales.

Both Chadwell and Shiver and two other individuals found at the scene were taken into custody.  Authorities did not comment on why the other two were arrested.

Authorities say a check of Chadwell’s criminal history found that he had previously been convicted of more than four prior felonies, for this reason he will be tried as a habitual offender.

Chadwell’s newest charges include possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of drug paraphernalia to manufacture or convert methamphetamine.

Both Chadwell and Shiver are currently in the Independence County Jail.


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