D.C.-based publication highlights recent changes at Lyon College


Inside Higher Ed, an online news publication based out of Washington, D.C., recently posted an article highlighting the recent reduction in size of the Lyon College Board of Trustees.

The article, entitled “Size reduction of Lyon College board allows college to better respond to problems,” was posted last week and focuses on the board reduction, which according to the post, “…defies common trends for private liberal arts colleges at a time when those institutions are facing greater upheaval and challenges.”

The author of the piece, Nick Hazelrigg, notes some private liberal arts colleges are questioning the value of a large board in favor of a small board with more flexibility.

Hazelrigg interviews Dr. Joey King (pictured), the president of Lyon, who argues a smaller board can meet more frequently and also be better equipped to handle any unexpected difficulties. King notes that as a result of the shift, more board members are engaged.

“In my view, and my recommendation was, the board needed to meet quite a bit more often and needed to meet more as a committee of the whole,” King is quoted in the piece. “Now the board will have six regular meetings a year and one in the summer with everyone on the same page and running much more as, say, the Harvard Corporation board would run as opposed to your average giant Board of Trustees.”

Lyon recently cut the size of the board in half, according to the article. The board went from 32 members to 15.

To read the article, click here.

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