Inmate at Independence County Detention Facility can’t explain how meth ended up in her cell


A Mountain Home woman incarcerated in the Independence County Detention Facility recently had some difficulty explaining to authorities exactly how methamphetamine ended up in her jail cell.

According to the court information filed this week, authorities were dispatched to the facility late last month (July 24) regarding an inmate possibly concealing contraband.

After a field test on the discovered “white powdery substance” came back positive for meth, Independence County Sheriff’s Deputy Johnny Byler questioned the inmate, identified as Carrie A. Gill, 37, as to how she received the drug, which was discovered by jail staff in a small container by Gill’s sink.

Gill told Byler she got the drug while doing community service work at Dry Run in the Ruddell Township of the county.

But after Byler noted Gill had only been arrested the afternoon before (July 23) and therefore couldn’t be on community service, the inmate “…quickly changed her story and began crying,” telling Byler she “…wasn’t sure how the methamphetamine got in her cell,” according to the affidavit of probable cause for arrest.

Gill was initially booked in the facility on a charge of resisting arrest and had also been placed on hold for a parole and probation felony, according to the sheriff’s department. She has also now been charged as a habitual offender and faces a new felony charge of possession of a controlled substance along with a felony charge of furnishing, possessing, or using prohibited articles

Her bond on the new charges was set at $10,000.

Image via Independence County Sheriff’s Department

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