Arrest warrants issued for two men charged in Independence County court cases


The Independence County Sheriff’s Department has issued arrest warrants for two men charged with felonies in circuit court.

On a July 25 registered sex offender compliance check, deputies found Edward Walter Parker, 48, had not been living in his registered address on Blackland Road for over a month, according to court records.

An offender is required by law to contact the sheriff’s department with ten days of a change in address.

Detective Michael Moody said in the court records that Parker’s six-month check-in period was Aug. 7. After allowing a 10-day grace period, Moody then requested an arrest warrant for Parker.

Parker has been charged with failure to comply with registration and reporting requirements — a felony.

A bond has been set at $15,000.

The second arrest warrant was issued on Caleb J. McNail, 33.

According to court information, McNail was found to be in possession of a Schedule 2 narcotic (Hydrocodone) inside a cigarette box, along with eight more inside a pill bottle that was labeled Alprazolam, during an Aug. 20 traffic stop. Alprazolam is a generic form of Xanax.

McNail is charged with possession of a controlled narcotic and possession of a prescribed narcotic drug outside of the container in which it was dispensed.

McNail’s bond has been set at $2,500.

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