LISTEN: Crystal Johnson, Mayor Rick Elumbaugh preview Thursday’s community meeting


Crystal Johnson (pictured, left), president/CEO of the Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce, and Batesvile Mayor Rick Elumbaugh visited the White River Now family of radio stations today to preview this week’s HeART Your Community event.

Listen to their conversation with White River Now’s Randy Alan below.


The IMPACT Steering Committee and the city of Batesville are inviting all community members to attend the community design charette, Thursday, Sept. 5, from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Batesville Community Center gymnasium.

Community members will participate by sharing their vision for the future of the community using art and design. This meeting will be a collaborative of the city of Batesville Mayor’s Meeting and the quarterly IMPACT Steering Committee Meeting.

Both IMPACT and the city of Batesville have used open format meetings or design charettes in the past. Johnson says community meetings are a great way to communicate progress and engage resident groups.

And Elumbaugh noted the city had a similar meeting in 2008 where ideas from citizens led to many improvements in Batesville.

“If you look at that session right there, some of the things that have come to fruition — you know, you’ve got the community center, your athletic fields, Main Street Batesville, the Polk Bayou…those are just a few of the things that came out of that session. So we want to challenge the community and say ‘What do you want to see? What’s next for our community?'” Elumbaugh said.

HeART Your Community - Sept 5th


  1. Just wondering if the poultry stench of Batesville will be addressed? It’s gone on for years and has gotten horribly worse during the past year. Think the leaders of Batesville are afraid to address this issue…. who or what company would want to locate in a town with this much stench?

    Also wonder if there are not EPA air quality standards that these two fowl companies are violating. Would love to see them both fined HUGE penalties and/or shut down. Too bad the 100 year flood a few years ago didn’t wash both of these down the river.

  2. yes the companies need to clean up the smell. But to shut down these companies would hurt the community more then the smell. The smell isn’t the problem with people not coming here. Companies want a good work force in our area. I wouldn’t want to be the one to take anyone’s job away from them. Then we wouldn’t need any restaurants, banks, grocery stores, all those self owned businesses those people who work there spend thatoney in Batesville.

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