Three charged with drug misdemeanors after hanging around Rosie cemetery late at night


Hanging around a cemetery late at night got three people cited with drug misdemeanors.  

According to the incident report, Independence County Deputy Sheriff Zachary Bailey responded to Maple Springs Cemetery, located on Maple Springs Road in Rosie, just before 11 p.m.

There, Bailey noted he found a vehicle parked on the edge of the roadway with a woman, two men, and a young child inside. The driver, identified in the report as Betty Burns, 32, told Bailey she had brought her uncle, identified as Steven Dwayne Magness, 47, of Mountain View, to the cemetery to visit his deceased wife’s gravesite. Burns told the deputy they arrived at the cemetery at 6 p.m. and had been there ever since.

While talking with Burns, Bailey noticed a glass smoking pipe in Magness’ left hand. Bailey then had Burns take the child and stand near his patrol car. The deputy then had the two men, Magness, and a backseat passenger, identified as Jimmy Wayne Radford, 47, of Willis, Va., exit the vehicle. During a pat-down, Bailey noted he found a smoking device with burnt residue in Radford’s pants pocket. He also found two smoking devices under the vehicle’s front seat and one in Burns’ purse, the report noted.

All three individuals were checked through the Crime Information Center computer system, and Radford couldn’t be found with the date of birth and social security information he provided. After a third change in the information provided by Radford, the report noted Bailey found information on him in Virginia. 

According to the police report, Burns was given a drug test for methamphetamine which she failed. The Department of Human Services (DHS) was called, and the child was placed in the care of DHS for 72 hours.

Burns, Magness, and Radford were issued criminal citations for possession of drug paraphernalia. In addition, Radford was issued a citation for obstructing government operations by providing an incorrect date of birth and social security information to the police. 

All three are to appear in district court on Oct. 16.

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