Fire chief asks council to vote “no” on proposed burn ordinance, enforce state fire code instead


The Batesville City Council met Tuesday night in regular session. The agenda was filled with multiple items.

The open burn ordinance appeared in old business to be read for the third and final time. However, Batesville Fire Chief Brent Gleghorn addressed the council and ask that they vote “no” and move forward with just enforcing state fire code.

The city council adopted the state fire code as an ordinance in 2015. Thus the proposed open burn ordinance discussed over the past few city council meetings, dies.

Gleghorn noted that in some ways the state fire code is actually more stringent than the now-dead ordinance that was proposed.

The council approved two new water meters to be placed outside of city limits on Dry Run and the levy for 2019 taxes, payable in 2020.

A resolution was approved for the condemnation of an awning structure located at 148 E. Main Street due to multiple reasons, including the lack of approval from the Historic District Commission and the fact that a tree was damaged during the construction of the structure which also covers a city sidewalk. The address is home of Natural State Running.

According to discussion among councilmembers, the owner of the business has been alerted multiple times to the issues the awning presents and related code violations over the past year.

The council voted to approve the resolution as written.

Wrapping up the meeting, Mayor Rick Elumbaugh extended an invitation to the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Maxfield Park set for Friday morning at 10:30 and for the next Mayor’s Meeting set for Thursday, Nov. 7 at 5:30 p.m. at The Best Dam Steakhouse.

Councilmember Chris Poole shared that the follow-up Public Safety Committee Meeting that was tentatively set for this Thursday is postponed until next Thursday, Oct. 17 to allow further deliberation on firefighter residency requirements.

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