Man on run from Independence County deputies collapses from exhaustion mid-pursuit


An escape attempt by an Indiana man failed Thursday when he collapsed of exhaustion after trying to outrun Independence County law enforcement authorities on foot.

During the noon hour yesterday, Aaron Moody, the chief deputy sheriff of Independence County, had just pulled over a gold, 2000 Ford F-150 pickup with an expired license plate, just across from the Batesville Community Center on 20th Street. A computer search found the driver was also driving on a suspended license. The suspect, identified as Russell Joseph King, 43, of Orleans, Ind., had first provided an ID of a man with a different name, according to the incident report, however, King also had another ID in his pocket with the correct identification. The computer check noted King was wanted in numerous states, and the state of Indiana also had a full extradition warrant for King’s arrest, the report noted.

As Adam McGilton, a fellow deputy assisting Moody, was putting King into his patrol unit, King jerked away and fled on foot. McGilton, Moody, and other deputies gave chase, and after about 300 yards, King got to a creek and stopped running. The suspect fell on the ground on his stomach, out of air, according to the report. After being given an opportunity to regain his breath, King was then placed by deputies into a patrol unit.

A search of King’s truck by Moody yielded a box in the driver’s door panel that contained two baggies with a clear substance that later field-tested positive as methamphetamine, according to authorities. Also in the box was a glass smoking device with burnt residue. 

King was taken to the Independence County Detention Facility, and in all likelihood, will be extradited to Indiana.

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