Motorcycle driver clocked going over 90 mph in Independence County, arrested Wednesday


The chase was on as a motorcycle driver was clocked at going 91 mph on Highway 14 west in Independence County Wednesday.

Detective Zach Bailey was traveling in the opposite direction when the motorcycle whizzed by him.

Bailey said the motorcycle turned onto Capshaw Road, went into the ditch line, into a field and finally, behind a residence.

Detective Bailey, arriving at the house, exited his cruiser and saw the driver, identified as Andy Osburn, 40.

Bailey, with his service pistol drawn, ordered Osburn to show his hands and get on the ground.

Osburn complied, and Bailey cuffed Osburn and took him into custody.

A search of Osburn turned up an unused hypodermic needle in his jacket pocket. Osburn said he was visiting his friend at the residence, and always drives through the ditch. Detective Bailey said he asked the female resident about Osburn, and she said she knew him because he lived across the street, but he had not been at her house in a long time and had never driven in the ditch or in her back yard.

Detective Bailey said he issued Osburn a citation for driving on a suspended driver’s license, no motorcycle endorsement, fleeing, speeding, failure to pay registration fees and no vehicle insurance.

Osburn was given a Nov. 13 date to appear in Independence County District Court. His parole officer was also informed of the incident.

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  1. A court date he will never show up to. Should have gone to jail. But with the weak judges we have, he would have been out the next day anyways. AND speaking of 91 mph. That’s about how fast the Pioneer football team is crashing to the bottom of the conference, Again. Time for some big changes. But I know it won’t happen. Oh well. If “fans” are happy with them being cellar dwellers, then so be it.

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