Arrest warrants issued for three women


Arrests warrants have been issued for three women in Independence County Circuit Court.

Two of the subjects are charged with failure to appear in circuit court, and the other is charged with five violations of her probation.

Court records say Rhonda Funkhouser, 49, failed to appear on Oct. 22 on charges from June of this year when she was accused and charged with breaking or entering and two counts of theft. Now, another charge of failure to appear, a felony, has been added. She is to be held without bond when she is apprehended.

The second woman who failed to appear was Kaitlann Summers, 23. She was charged with possession of a controlled substance, namely methamphetamine, in July of 2018. Then, she was charged with delivery of meth in August of 2018, and in September 2018, she was again charged with possession of meth in September of 2018. Since she didn’t appear in circuit court as ordered on the 22nd of this month, Summers is now charged with another felony. Once apprehended, she will not be allowed to bond out of jail until she goes to trial or enters a negotiated plea, according to authorities.

The third woman who has an arrest warrant issued against her is Chelsea Yocum, 19. She had entered a plea of guilty to two counts of theft of property and one count of breaking or entering. She was placed on probation and then authorities say she violated five conditions of that probation. Court records say she: 1) failed to report for her scheduled office visits, 2) failed to provide proof of current employment after being terminated from a previous job, 3) moved from her approved residence without prior permission from her supervising probation officer, 4) failed to make a payment on her court cost and fines, and 5) failed to provide proof that she has made an effort towards her court-ordered community service.

Once Yocum is taken into custody, she will be placed in jail and will not be allowed to bond out until she goes to court to defend herself against the charges brought against her. She could, of course, enter a negotiated plea.

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