City of Southside to not issue ordinance governing private club permit applications

Article by Teisha Bagwell

Monday night, the city of Southside met for regular business.

After making it through all other businesses including a request from the fire department to request Triangle Lane to be right-turn only from the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT), the issue of private clubs permits was brought up in the ‘Old Business’ portion of the meeting.

Per our previous story on Oct. 21, the city of Southside does not have an ordinance in place regarding private club applications. The state law itself lacks guidance on the best way to approach the issue as a municipality.

The city was stuck with trying to decide the best route: to issue or not issue an ordinance governing the application process. Whatever direction the city chose, there would have to be substantial support for an approving or opposing an application ordinance — but there was also the option for the city to take no action at all.

The city of Southside decided not to issue an ordinance governing the private club application process. Technically, it’s not a ‘yes’ or a ‘no,’ but it simply just leaves the issue alone.

What does this mean for private club permit applicants?

Last month during the special meeting of the city council seeking legal counsel on the matter, attorney Buck Gibson addressed what a lack of policy could potentially mean.

“Just because you don’t make a policy that doesn’t mean the person that makes an application is without a remedy. The remedy may be, however, that they have to resort to existing Arkansas statutes and the remedy in the constitution — which is to seek a number of signatures to put an initiated measure on the ballot,” Gibson said.




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