Stone County man charged with two felonies after argument with girlfriend


A Stone County man has been charged in circuit court with two felonies after an argument with his girlfriend on Wednesday, Nov. 6.

Court documents say Daniel Irl Hees, 59, is charged with felony domestic battery in the second degree and felony aggravated assault of a household member. Because a child was present during the incident, prosecutors for the state are asking for enhanced penalties in the sentencing phase providing the defendant is found guilty.

During an argument, authorities allege Hees struck his girlfriend, identified as Heather Dubroc. The court information says Dubroc was holding their eight-month-old baby at the time and also accuses Hees of pushing his girlfriend’s head, causing it to strike the child.

The aggravated assault charge accuses Hees of grabbing Dubroc around the throat, causing her airway to be blocked and impeding her respiration and blood circulation. During an interview with police, Hees said the argument was over his communication with an ex-wife. He said at some point during the argument, Dubroc walked into the kitchen, picked a pistol up off the kitchen table, and pointed the weapon at him, according to the court documents. Hees told authorities he grabbed the gun and hit Dubroc on the side of the head. He then said he took the gun away from her.

Hees, in the court information, said he grabbed Dubroc by the neck at some point while he was trying to take away the gun. He also told authorities he may have hit her on the nose as well, and he also stated he had slapped Dubroc in the past.

The court information said Hees is to be admitted to the Stone County Jail on a $20,000 bail.

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