County agrees to partner with Batesville and Southside to purchase Ramsey Mountain property; new JP sworn in

Article by Madeline Pyle / Featured image: Judge Robert Griffin (left) swears in Keith Harmon as Justice of the Peace for District 7 at last night’s meeting of the Independence County Quorum Court. Harmon replaces former Justice of the Peace Anna King.

The Independence County Quorum Court has approved a motion for Judge Robert Griffin, on behalf of the county, to enter into an interlocal agreement with the city of Batesville and the city of Southside. The three entities will partner to purchase the property along Ramsey Mountain at 556 Batesville Boulevard from a private investment group, which purchased the property in auction earlier this week.

The motion allows Judge Griffin to commit up to $50,000 in the agreement.

Judge Griffin said the agreement will be “result-driven” in order to ensure all three entities contribute equally. Monetary efforts from one entity would be matched by in-kind donations from another.

He intends for the property to serve as walking trails and potentially an access road when Batesville Boulevard is blocked.

In other matters from last night’s meeting of the quorum court, County Treasurer Bob Treadway reported the Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) would be over $300,000 in the red that week, and he could transfer funds to assist — but not for much longer. The JDC is in the red waiting overdue payments from the state.

“By law, I’m going to have to stop these payments if the money is not here,” Treadway said.

To alleviate pressure for the JDC, the court motioned and approved a loan to cover monies the state owes.

In the JDC report, administrator Jonathan Pickering said the state would send payment this week.

At the beginning of the meeting, Judge Griffin swore in Keith Harmon as Justice of the Peace for District 7. Harmon replaces former Justice of the Peace Anna King.

The budget committee will meet at 6 p.m. next Monday, Nov. 18 at the Independence County Courthouse. This meeting is open to the public.

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  1. All this does is to ensure a business will not be able to buy the property and build there. Old town good ole boy politics.

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