Batesville woman arrested after gun discharges during argument


Authorities say a Batesville woman pulled a gun on her partner during an argument.

The man, identified in the court information as Cameron Lundry, said the argument started after he had returned home from a bar one night last week. During the argument, Lundry told Batesville Police he began packing his clothes to leave. After packing and taking one bag to the car, Lundry returned for a second bag. On his return to his vehicle, he found his mate, Christie Michelle Tate, 35, had gotten his phone and thrown it on top of the house and had taken the keys from the vehicle.

Lundry said he followed Tate to the bedroom asking for the keys. It was then Lundry told authorities that Tate pulled out a revolver and pointed it at Lundry. A struggle for the revolver began, the gun went off, and the bullet missed Landry, striking the ceiling above the nightstand, the court documents state. Lundry then left the residence, taking Tate’s phone with him. He used it to call 911 and police quickly arrived on the scene.

As officers were planning how to enter the house, Tate came walking out and down the driveway, giving herself up. She reportedly said, “I’m the shooter, don’t shoot. I’m unarmed!” according to the court info. Tate was taken into custody and charged in Independence County Circuit Court with aggravated assault. She was placed on a $75,000 bond.

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