BPD: East Batesville man reported to have accidentally killed himself; investigation underway


A Batesville man is dead after police say a witness told them he accidentally shot himself.

The incident occurred around 2:40 p.m., Monday, Dec. 2, at a Case Street residence, according to a media release from the Batesville Police Department (BPD).

A female companion of the man told authorities “…her boyfriend had accidentally shot himself as he was getting out of bed,” the release said.

BPD officers found a 29-year-old male in one of the residence’s bedrooms with an apparent gunshot wound to the head. A Vital Link ambulance was dispatched to the scene, but emergency medical technicians could not stabilize the subject, the release noted.

The case remains under investigation, and the body has been sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for further examination.

BPD Chief Alan Cockrill told White River Now this morning that the autopsy should answer questions in the investigation.

The girlfriend of the subject has cooperated with investigators, Cockrill said.

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  1. Who the EFF are you people???? Actin’ like you KNOW somethin’??? Need to take that shit some place else cause you weren’t there and ya ass don’t know! Wanna talk trash about a dead man???? Really???? Tf???

  2. I wouldn’t worry about whoever that is. Truth is they probably didn’t even know him. If they did they’d know as much as the rest of us and that it was simply a tragic accident and nothing more. Things like this happen. All the more reason people should use their sense when handling fire arms. Everyone should have enough respect to allow him to rest in peace rather than disrespect his memory by posting garbage that doesn’t even account for anything. Much love my friend. May you forever fly high with the angels. Look over Pops for us… I know you will. Love always!

  3. Much love my friend you will be missed by so many Babe i hope you and daddys having a good ole time up there !!! Much love and Respect !!!

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