Unit at Independence County Jail floods after inmate busts sprinkler head


An Independence County Detention Facility inmate is being charged in circuit court with impairing the operation of a vital public facility.

Authorities say on Friday, Dec. 20, an inmate at the facility, identified as Patrick Dean Rew (pictured), 22, became angry after being refused a new blanket and then busted the sprinkler head inside his cell, causing the male housing unit to flood.

The actions of Rew caused the water to have to be shut off to the facility for some time until repairs could be made. The Batesville Fire Department was able to shut off the water flow and replace the sprinkler head.

The Independence County Sheriff’s Department says when a sprinkler head is damaged in the facility, a deputy is taken off the streets and away from protecting the citizens. The sheriff’s department is asking for Rew to be found guilty and administered the maximum penalty for his destructive actions.

The department notes the fire department also has to utilize a minimum of two pump trucks and two of their personnel to shut off the water to the jail and bleed the system before the sprinkler head can be replaced.

In addition to the new charge, Rew is also facing two felony counts of delivery of 2 grams or more but less than 10 grams of methamphetamine as well as a felony county of simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, according to court information.

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