Authorities: Man arrested at Southside gas station on public intoxication charge


Independence County Sheriff’s Deputy Adam McGilton was dispatched to a Southside gasoline station Tuesday on a report of a man who was claiming a relative “was doing things to him,” according to the official incident report.

Upon arrival at the station, McGilton met the man, identified as Timothy Allen Smith (pictured), 59, of Batesville, who told the officer a relative who had been living with him had “taken the sensors out of his car and unplugged his radio in his room,” the report said.

When McGilton asked Smith how he had gotten from his Batesville residence to the Southside station, Smith said he had walked.

In his report, McGilton noted that he could tell Smith was on some type of drug “because he was moving around a lot, slinging his arms around, getting agitated, and his pupils were pinpoint.” The deputy also reported Smith was slurring his words to the point that McGilton had to ask him several times to repeat what he was saying.

McGilton noted he asked Smith if he had done any drugs in the last few days and received a reply from Smith of “last Thursday.” Smith then told the deputy he couldn’t really remember, and added, “possibly the day before” he did methamphetamine, the report stated.

McGilton said for the safety of Smith and the public, he arrested Smith and charged him with public intoxication. Smith was then transported to the Independence County Jail.

Image via Independence County Sheriff’s Department

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