Two Stone County men face drug-related charges


In separate incidents, two Stone County men who were stopped on traffic violations were found to be in possession of an illegal drug or drug paraphernalia.

Early in the morning on Dec. 23, 2019, Jeffery Allen Halloway (pictured above, left), 54, was driving a vehicle east on Main Street in Mountain View. He fled from authorities when they tried to pull him over, according to court information, leading them on a chase that didn’t stop until he came to the end of Fox Hollow Road.

Halloway was taken into custody and his vehicle searched. According to the information, officers found a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey, a glass smoking pipe, and illegal pills.

Halloway has been charged in Stone County Circuit Court with felony possession of drug paraphernalia, DWI-drugs, and six misdemeanors including fleeing from law enforcement officers.

Halloway is a repeat felony offender and will be tried under the Habitual Offender law.

He is in jail under a $20,000 bond.

The other man charged in circuit court was arrested by the Stone County Sheriff’s Department in the late-night hours of Jan. 3.

Authorities say Robert C. McBride (right), 64, was stopped on a traffic violation and was found to be in possession of crystal meth. He is charged with possession of a controlled substance, a felony.

He is now in jail under a $20,000 bond.

Images via Stone County Sheriff’s Department

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