Batesville Police report more break-ins of unlocked vehicles


The Batesville Police Department has been working several vehicle break-ins as of late, and detectives have been reminding the public to lock their vehicle doors in an effort to prevent illegal entry.

And BPD officials say two more break-ins of unlocked vehicles have recently been reported.

A complainant on 17th Street said he took his son to school on Friday morning, and that’s when he noticed someone had taken his wallet out of the vehicle’s center console.  He said he had $184 dollars in cash, his driver’s license, social security card, and bank debit card in the wallet, the BPD said.

The man admitted to police he had left the doors to his car unlocked.  The case is still under investigation.

In the second break-in, thieves stole a bow and its arrows.

The items were left in the victim’s vehicle last night.

The victim said he noticed items had been moved around and were “out of place” when he got into his vehicle this morning.

Then he noticed the crossbow and arrows, valued at $550, missing. The man also told authorities he had left his vehicle unlocked overnight. The case is also still under investigation.

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