Southside City Council appoints member to Ramsey Mountain project committee

Article by Teisha Bagwell
White River Now


The Southside City Council met in regular session Monday night.

One item discussed was the formation of a committee to oversee the Ramsey Mountain project, and the nomination of a council member to serve on that committee.

The committee will be comprised of nine individuals. Each of the involved entities governing leader — Independence County Judge Robert Griffin, Batesville Mayor Rick Elumbaugh, and Southside Mayor Ray Bowman — will serve on the committee.

The committee will also include a council member from each municipality, a JP from the quorum court, and one community member/resident to represent each respective entity.

Bowman nominated city council member Mary Beth Bowen to represent Southside, and the council voted unanimously in agreement. The council also agreed to allow Bowman and Bowen to discuss a potential community representative to be appointed to the Ramsey Mountain project committee.

Prior to wrapping up Monday’s meeting, council member Vince Gay began a discussion, first with the intention of allocating fuel funds for Bowman’s city business-related travel.

The mayor and council of Southside currently serve as volunteers. Typically, council members will turn in receipts for reimbursement in the event they use personal funds to purchase items used for city business. However, nothing is in place that allocates monies for the time and resources the current serving council members put into the community.

The consensus of the council was none of the members expect to receive monetary compensation for serving because their service is driven by their dedication to the Southside community.

The council ultimately decided to have members continue to turn in receipts from city-related expenses for reimbursement in the meantime while Bowman researches information for the discussion of establishing monetary compensation for elected city officials in the future.

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