More on the termination of the recycling agreement between Independence County and the City of Batesville


Independence County Judge Robert Griffin gave a more detailed explanation on why the county started the process to terminate the county’s recycling agreement with the City of Batesville.

The Judge said the agreement (linked below) is binding on both parties. It was signed by Independence County Judge David Wyatt and Batesville Mayor Joe Biard in 1997 and attested to by City Clerk Denise Johnston and County Clerk Margaret Boothby.

Griffin said the ceasing of resident curbside recycling is based on a lack of traditional help from the community service program. He said, “I have no control over the release of the community service workers from the jail.”

Judge Griffin said that four other cities; Oil Trough, Newark, Magness, and Sulphur Rock are going to use county provided trailers to continue curbside pick-up of recyclable materials.

Griffin added that Southside, Pleasant Plains, and Cushman will have trailers set at locations for the convenience of local residents and that Moorefield can have a county provide trailer, as well.

“The law is clear; a responsibility exists for each city to provide for recycling. The issue is simple; either the City of Batesville wishes to continue curbside recycling, or it does not. On behalf of many Batesville citizens, I ask you (the City) to pick up where we left off,” said Judge Griffin.

Judge Griffin also said he wanted to dispel the image that there is a conflict between Independence County and the City of Batesville. He said, “there is sometimes differences in opinion, and that is called democracy, not conflict. Most differences are simply requirements of statute. Solid waste is one of those responsibilities we share separately and severable.”

The Judge also detailed in the explanation of recycling responsibilities by providing state law that dictates and governs solid waste and recycling.

Griffin also noted that if the City wanted to amend the contract, there should have been a proposal put forth to consider. Nothing has been presented to meet about.

Judge Griffin goes on to explain further the reason for starting the process of the agreement’s termination. The Judge’s comments, letter to the City, and the agreement may be reviewed by clicking the links below.

Recycling Agreement between Independence County and the City of Batesville

Judge Griffin’s Recycling Comment & More

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