Stone County Sheriff’s Office: Absconder in custody after leading officers on a foot chase

Photo from the Stone County Sheriff’s Office

Jason VanVleet (pictured), wanted for absconding and fleeing from officers is now in custody in Stone County.

VanVleet had made several threats of harming police officers or anyone that was helping law enforcement to locate him, according to a media release from the Stone County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the release, it was reported to the Stone County Sheriff’s Office that VanVleet was armed with a .45 caliber pistol.

The first contact with VanVleet was made around 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 12 when Chief Deputy Zach Alexander entered a trailer house off Persimmon Lane in Stone County. VanVleet was hiding underneath the trailer and took off running.

Mountain View Police Officer Cody Lee and his K9 Falco, along with the Chief Resource Officer Keenan Glenn picked up the track which went around the trailer and into the woods west of the residence.

At that time the Stone County Sheriff’s Department started receiving phone calls from individuals stating that they had seen VanVleet in the woods close to where the foot pursuit started.

Lieutenant Dammon McGilton with the Stone County Sheriff’s Office noticed VanVleet dunk in behind a house.

McGilton began to chase VanVleet on foot chasing him through a creek bed. VanVleet was met by Officers Mike Tharp, Brad Breeding, and Keenan Glenn once he crossed the creek.

Officers were able to take VanVleet into custody after he resisted for a short time without further incident.

Stone County Sheriff’s Office wants to thank the Mountain View Police Department, The Arkansas State Police, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Arkansas Parole and Probation, and Chief Glenn with the Mountain View School District Police Department for their assistance.

Information provided by the Stone County Sheriff’s Office.

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