Stone County man hit with four felony drug charges after parole officers pay visit


According to court information, a 58-year-old man has been charged after authorities discovered illegal drug paraphernalia during a recent probation compliance check at a Stone County residence.

Documents filed in Stone County Circuit Court said state probation and parole officers along with deputies from the Stone County Sheriff’s Office conducted the check on Randy D. Stewart last week.

During the check, authorities determined there was enough illegal drug paraphernalia and activity to obtain a search warrant. The two agencies were joined by the Arkansas State Police and the Mountain View Police Department in conducting the search.

Under the warrant, additional paraphernalia and controlled substances, including methamphetamine, were found, the court info said.

As a result, Stewart has been charged with possession of a controlled substance with a purpose to deliver; possession of drug paraphernalia to use meth; possession of drug paraphernalia with a purpose to analyze and weigh meth; and maintaining a drug premises.

Stewart is also being charged under the habitual offender law as he has previously been convicted of four or more felonies.

Authorities also said that during the search process, a woman living on the property, identified as Rose Harwell, was arrested on outstanding warrants out of Stone County for failure to appear in district court.

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  1. When your mother said to you none of those people where your friends this is the guy she was talking about.. This one person has messed up so many people and families, he is damn 60 and has a bad habit of getting young women pregnant also. So the real test is what happens now how clean is our system of justice if they just slap his wrist and add on a few years on probation then you know the money is still flowing in our crooked justice system I don’t think he should do a day less than ten years myself make an example out him or be voted out.

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