Manager of local medical marijuana facility arrested


The Log Cabin Democrat in Conway is reporting the manager of a Newport medical marijuana growing facility has been arrested for growing marijuana in his Jonesboro apartment.

The Conway paper reports while Jonesboro police were raiding the apartment on Jan. 23, confiscating marijuana and other drug paraphernalia, armed enforcement agents for Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Division were inside the Newport medical marijuana cultivation center where the apartment’s resident, identified as Nicholas Christian Nielsen, 40, worked.

The Log Cabin Democrat reports Rich Olson, a former lead grower at the Newport facility licensed to Natural State Wellness Enterprises, told the paper that he became concerned early-on about the management of the facility.

Olson said Nielsen fired him following the bust, believing he tipped authorities off to his illegal grow operation. Agents learned the origins of the marijuana being grown in the legal facility in Newport came from Nielsen’s home, Olson told the paper.

To read the complete article from the Log Cabin Democrat, click here.

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  1. All I have to say is Wow ,this guy must be mental Nielson had the world by the balls foot in the door of one of a millionaire money making Establishment and just throws it away in one single swoop now facing prison why jeprodize your life by displaying total stupidity on your part all you had to do was follow a few rules this isn’t California,Colorado,this is only a legal medical Cannibis state not free will recreational one just because your rich your not above the law Sir , and for us paitients this is a slap in the face especially the high ass prices we pay for medication and you just chunk it in the trash on the curb ,dude what a dumb ass move wtf you deserve what you get in court it’s people like you that gives those who actually care for us paitients a black eye and destroys any good things we’ve worked so hard to keep Cannibis on a straight and narrow rd ,with the stereo typical misinformation and no research to show people who are skeptical that Cannibis is better than opioids and haulers seizures ,shrinks cancer tumors and kills cancer cells all this awesome work can be destroyed by stupid people like you who take advantage of the system just to line your pockets with money you do not deserve a licesen to grow or have any dealings in the future pertaining to Cannibis in Arkansas period and you’ll probably do time because it’s illegal on a federal level I can see them using you as an example to the rules you have taken advantage of to further your selfish miserable future behind bars shame on you Mr Nielsen.
    Sincerely ,an Ark Cannibis Paitient ,

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